Knowledge Sharing

Our training and development effort emanates out of an understanding that the key to the success of our business is our people and their knowledge.

Our Training and Development plan is clear and ambitious and not only caters to the organizations needs but also benefits our employees, such as Project Management, Leadership Programmes and Personal Effectiveness Programmes.

We capitalize on the strength and experience of our scientist by encouraging them to offer training programs and seminars. Through this pool of experienced trainers we spearhead our technical training. This is done in two clear areas. The first is the new skill acquisition and the second is the skill refreshers. Both of these are assessed from time-to-time and form an important part of the employee assessment.

On the other hand, the soft skill training is driven by a group of trained external as well as internal groomed professionals, who are recognized leaders and specialists in their field. In addition, we send our employees to attend various programs and seminars to gain updated industry knowledge in their respective areas.