Lab Infrastructure

Jubilant Chemsys Ltd continues to invest in its research infrastructure to meet growing business demands, as a service provider in the drug discovery value chain.

Synthetic chemistry: Owing to its capabilities to do diverse chemistry at different scale, Jubilant Chemsys team is equipped with following infrastructure:

  • More than 35 well equipped chemistry labs
  • Modular laboratories with 4-10 fume hoods for small and medium scale synthesis
  • Specifically designed laboratories for large scale synthesis
  • Flash chromatography in each laboratory
  • Hydrogenation laboratory
  • Microwave reactors

Analytical chemistry: Jubilant Chemsys provides analytical services to support small scale, large scale, library synthesis, medicinal chemistry and process chemistry initiatives equipped with following infrastructure:

  • NMR (400 MHz, Bruker)- 3 numbers
  • LCMS [Q ToF and SQD (Waters), Ion trap (Agilent) AP 2000 (Sciex)]- 10 numbers
  • UPLC/HPLC/RRLC (Waters, Agilent)- 14 numbers
  • Prep HPLC (Waters)- 8 numbers