• Prediction of human pharmacokinetics of Fomepizole from Preclinical Species Pharmacokinetics based on normalizing time course profiles

  • Protection Of Beta Cell Mass From Diabetogenic Condition Induced Apoptosis By The Inhibition Of Mammalian Ste20-like Protein Kinase 1 (MST1)

    Current therapies for diabetes do not address apoptotic cell death mediated β-cell deterioration. An investigation on MST1 modulation, its apoptotic signaling in islet samples from healthy controls, T2D patients and in pancreatic cell lines using a small molecule inhibitor of MST1 (XMU-MP-1, IC50 ~100 nM). Our data suggests that inhibition of MST1 can protect β-cell mass under diabetogenic conditions and selective inhibition of MST1 may serve as a novel approach to protect β-cell mass under diabetogenic conditions.