Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Jubilant Chemsys Limited is a place for innovation, data management, securing confidentiality and best-inlass analytical services.

We are trained and equipped to develop new methodologies to overcome synthetic challenges and delivery compounds on defined time lines with quality. The materials can be supplied ranging from milligrams to kilograms.

The main advantage in collaborating with us is:

  • High efficiency and excellent quality
  • Experience in synthesis of complex and multi-step processes
  • Well trained and skilled chemists with experience
  • Competitive price

Synthetic capabilities

  • Building Blocks
  • Scaffolds, Intermediates
  • Reference/Standard Compounds
  • Small Molecules/Analogues for Lead Generation/Lead Optimization
  • Focused Libraries: 50-200 membered

Jubilant Chemsys offers following services

Small scale synthesis

The synthetic team is trained to take any kind of challenges in synthetic organic chemistry involving various types of chemistry viz heterocyclic, asymmetric, microwave, enzymatic and multi-step synthesis to deliver compounds to customer needs. Our specialty lies in following areas:

  • Small scale synthesis up to 1g
  • Medium scale synthesis from 1g to 100g
  • Stereoselective synthesis of chiral molecules
  • Chemoenzymatic and resolution technique for chiral molecules.
  • Impurity profiling and their synthesis.
  • Metabolite synthesis.
  • Reference compound and scaffold synthesis.

Combinatorial chemistry

We have a special group to take the requirement of library structuring and build-up. The chemists are equipped to design and synthesis small focused libraries of tens to hundreds of compounds using parallel chemistry. In library design and synthesis, we combine our knowledge in synthetic organic chemistry with pragmatic use of cheminformatics and computational chemistry.

Library design framework is to create an information rich platform of compounds to develop a scaffold series for rapid molecule generation on following lines:

  • Robustness of chemistry and feasibility
  • Building blocks accessibility
  • Synthetic steps and work-up procedures Profile (MW, cLogP, PSA, structure alerts etc.)
  • Focused design to address special needs

Library synthesis is carried out using semi- and fully automated instrumentation. All synthesized compounds are analysed by LCMS (purity range 85-95% as per agreement) and optionally by 1H NMR as well.

In this domain, we undertake following types of projects:

  • Focused library synthesis
  • Library design and synthesis to address SAR, lead optimization and physiochemical challenges.
  • Target based library synthesis e.g. protease, kinase, GPCR, ionhannels etc.

As a special feature, we do carry out the synthesis of focused libraries based on scaffolds occurring in drugs and potential drug like molecules.

Custom synthesis

Knowledge, experience and infrastructure at Jubilant Chemsys is comprised to carry out any custom synthesis for customer and collaborative medicinal chemistry programs needs. For instance:

  • Flexible synthetic scale from milligrams to kilogram
  • Final compound synthesis ranging from 100g to 2000g in non-GMP kilo laboratory.
  • Synthesis of intermediates to support on-going medicinal chemistry programs.
  • Integration with parent company for GMP synthesis
  • Final product/intermediates well characterized using our state-of-the-science analytical facility (NMR (350 MHz), HPLC, or LC-MS).

We put our major focus on cheap, environmentally benign and readily available starting materials, reagents and catalysts.

Process Research & Development (PR&D) and Manufacturing:

Jubilant Chemsys has comprehensive process R&D (PRD) and manufacturing capabilities to support the CMC campaigns of NCE programs.

Jubilant Chemsys’s combined PRD and manufacturing capabilities ensure seamless execution of CMC projects in a timely manner to advance the R & D programs into the clinical phase in a cost effective manner.

A dedicated group of scientists with enriched experience in scale-up activities, to assist our collaborators in meeting their needs from laboratory to pilot plant to commercial quantities – to meet the needs of clinical trials and commercialization. The skill of group lies in following:

Our PRD capabilities are detailed below.

  • Route Scouting
  • Process Design and Optimization
  • Development and standardization of synthetic steps considering scalable manufacturing needs.
  • Synthetic demonstration
  • Scale up Manufacturing
  • Analytical Method Development and Stability Studies
  • Salt Screening and Polymorph Studies
  • Transfer of process technology to pilot plant for advanced molecule.